Guess Noires: Nightmare in the Heart of the Mine (teaser)

Guess Noires: Nightmare in the Heart of the Mine (teaser)

Mathieu Turi (Hostiles) seems to want to give impetus to French genre films.

After the post-apocalyptic Hostilewhich told of the survival of a young woman trapped in a prison of sheet metal and metal, and noticed it Meander which filmed the awakening of a young woman in a tube full of deadly traps, Mathieu Turi definitely takes pleasure in confining its characters and playing with the claustrophobia of its spectators…

For black jaws, it is a decor often exploited by the seventh art that he chooses: the mine. It immerses us in 1956, in the north of France, land of underground miners, those who are nicknamed “miners”. “A band of underground miners is forced to lead a professor to take samples a thousand meters underground”, tells us the synopsis. But things don’t go as planned…

The atmosphere of the first extracts already promises to be very suffocating because, imprisoned in the depths of the mine, they will discover “a crypt from another time” and unknowingly disturb the tranquility of a “legendary bloodthirsty creature”.

With a pitch that reminds us of the terrifying expedition of young speleologist girls from The Descentthe feature film promises to be at the crossroads between horror and SF. “What they woke up should have stayed asleep”, announce the teaser and the poster which reveal a dark and already very distressing underground film. For Miners, Mathieu Turi found his inspiration in particular in the novels of HP Lovecraft (especially Into the Abyss of Time, The Call of Cthulhu and The Mad Mountains), his “bedside books while writing” of the movie.

Miners will mark the return to the cinema of Samuel LeBihan (Braquo, Alex Hugo and They were ten) who hasn’t appeared on the big screen since The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles in 2014. We will find at his side Amir El Kacem (The revolution), Thomas Soliveres (Edmund), Jean-Hugues Anglade (The Great Bath) but also Marc Riso (seen recently in the series Funny), Bruno Sanches (appreciated in the series HPI) and the Spanish Diego Martin.

Miners will make its preview at the 15th edition of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festivaland will be released in theaters on November 29, 2023.

Mathieu Turi: “The traps of Méandre are only part of the film”

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