“It was unheard of”: the actors of Civil War talk about the making-of

A look behind the scenes of the film event with Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura and Cailee Spaeny.

“A frantic race through a fractured America that, in the near future, is more than ever on the razor’s edge.” This is how the official synopsis describes Civil Warfourth feature filmAlex Garlandpen at the origin of 28 days laterand director ofEx machina, Annihilation And Men.

In a making-of video, the filmmaker tells us more about his latest independent gem, supported by the A24 studio:

“It’s a war film in Apocalypse Now. A rush of adrenaline and intensity that leads to the invasion of Washington DC. Journalists are caught up in this. They are risking their lives to show what is happening. (…) It's serious and dangerous, but it's a road trip. We follow them across the country during wartime towards Washington DC. and we also follow their relationships.”

Relations that we imagine to be tense in the dystopian context of an America in the grip of a second Civil War. The characters played by Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura And Cailee Spaeny (but also Stephen McKinley Henderson, absent from this promotional video) evolve in a transformed world in which, like hunted animals, they must trust their instincts. Kirsten Dunst explains:

“War photojournalist, it’s his job, whatever the cost. She will risk her life. (…) The whole group is in danger. We don't know what to expect. There is no GPS, everything is broken, no cell phones. They use secondary roads to avoid major roads.”

Scenarios that asked a lot of the actors, to whom Alex Garland admits having offered to “participate rather than remain passive”. Cailee Spaeny explains it:

“Alex shot this film in a very intelligent and untraditional way. The cameras were invisible. It was immersive and incredibly real. It was creepy.”

An immersion that the director also puts the spectators through. In addition to the impressive visuals that we discover in the making-of video, we must also note the sound work, which contributes greatly to the breathless, oppressive atmosphere of Civil Warwhich Wagner Moura describes as a “hardcore scenario”.

And the young Cailee Spaeny concludes: “Sacred history and sacred experience”.

Civil War is currently available in cinemas. Here is the trailer for the film:

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