Matthew McConaughey deciphers his cult scene from The Wolf of Wall Street

Matthew McConaughey deciphers his cult scene from The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s film has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary, we are sharing some manufacturing anecdotes.

This is one of the best scenes of the Wolf of Wall Streetwith the one where Leonardo DiCaprio takes a little too much Quaaludes (which contains the preferred plan of its director, Martin Scorsese): after explaining to Jordan Belfort the virtues of masturbation on the work of a trader, Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) hammers his chest while humming a sort of voodoo mantra.

At the beginning of 2014, the Texan actor returned to this incredible performance on the set of The Graham Norton Show. Where does this high finance haka come from? “Is this a meditation technique?“, asks the host. “It’s something I do before playing a scene, to relax.”replies McConaughey seriously, under the fascinated eyes of Julianne Moore.

This strange ritual also allows him to find the voice of his character.”So I was doing it before this sceneremembers the actor. We did five takes, Martin was satisfied, me too. We were going to move on and then Leonardo raised his hand and said to me: ‘Wait a second, what was that thing you were doing right before the scene?’ I explain to him and he says to me: ‘Let’s incorporate that into the scene’.”

McCo can therefore thank his playing partner for this brilliant idea.

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