US box office: The flop of Madame Web is confirmed, Dune 2 is expected like the Messiah

US box office: The flop of Madame Web is confirmed, Dune 2 is expected like the Messiah

The box office has been very weak overall for several weeks. Only the Bob Marley biopic does well.

After its catastrophic startthe flop of Madame Web is confirmed at the US box office. Last weekend, Sony’s latest superhero production debuted in second place, quite far behind the Bob Marley biopic, with $15.1 million raised vs. 27.7.

A gap which is widening even more in the current ranking, since the releases of the new anime Demon Slayer and drama Ordinary Angels slip between the two. You read correctly: in the second weekend of operation, Madame Web has already left the podium, with only 6 million dollars more despite its 4013 screens. That’s a 60% drop in revenue.

In ten days, the blockbuster earned 35 million greenbacks in the United States (and 77 globally), which does not even correspond to the start of Morbius ! This blockbuster derived from Spiderman, released at the start of 2022 in cinemas, also received a derisive reception, but started at 83 million dollars in its first weekend before earning 167 million. Its release, pushed by trolls on social networks, was a flop, but it is clear that that of Madame Web will be even more important. Jared Leto can sleep soundly.

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Bob Marley: One Love therefore remains at the top of the American ranking, with an additional $13.5 million collected in 3,597 cinemas. Its drop is also significant (-50%), but Paramount still has $71.1 million in domestic. Worldwide, the 100 million mark has been crossed, and compared to other recent musical biopics, this one is doing well: Rocketman had won 50 million greenbacks in ten days in his country of origin (a score recorded by Bohemian Rhapsody first weekend!) and Elvis66.

Sony, which therefore produces Madame Webcan console itself with the good start of the new adaptation of Demon Slayer. Offered in 1949 cinemas, this meeting of two key anime episodes fared less well than those of 2021 (21 million at the start) and 2023 (10.1 million last spring), but its score remains honest: 11.5 millions of dollars.

Worn by Hilary Swank, Ordinary Angels starts at 6.5 million for 3020 copies, and the last novelty in the top 10, Drive Away Dollsis quite far behind: Ethan Coen’s comedy pockets 2.4 million dollars for 2,280 theaters, which gives it 8th position.

The rest of the ranking is notably made up of films released during the end-of-year holidays: Migration And Wonka remain in the top in the 10th and 11th week of operation. The animated film reached 120 million domestically and the musical, 214 million. This clearly illustrates the fact that few blockbusters have managed to find success in recent weeks. Argyleby Matthew Vaughn, released a month ago, has not yet crossed 50 million domestically, and wishthe Disney of Christmas, earned only 63 million.

Faced with this absence of “tentpoles”, the American studios are trying the card outings : the firm with big ears, for example, proposed the Pixar Lucasunpublished in cinema, and Sony has released The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain, but these cult films do not record very high scores. That of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, for example, raised just under $500,000 in around fifty cinemas across the country.

In this context, the next big blockbuster to be released, Dune – Part 2, under pressure: it is he who will act as a test next weekend. Will Denis Villeneuve manage to earn more than $41 million at the start, as for his first part? Will this sequel manage to cross the $100 million domestic mark? The first episode reached this score in 2021, and earned $433 million worldwide. If Warner Bros. wants to continue the adventure (there is talk of a third opus entitled The Messiah of Dune), this second part should do at least as well.

American ranking for the weekend of February 23 to 25, 2024:

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