5 films to watch with the family and stream for free this summer

5 films to watch with the family and stream for free this summer

From the Black Tulip to the Pirates of the Aardman studio, via Tintin by Spielberg.

The Black Tulipby Christian-Jaque – on arte.tv – available until 06/08/2023

A great classic of the swashbuckling film, worn by Alain Delon as Julien de Saint Preux, opposite Virna Lisi, in this costume adaptation by Alexandre Dumas. “In the countryside of Roussillon, in the spring of 1789, a masked bandit nicknamed the Black Tulip terrorizes the nobility. But this one could be none other than an aristocrat from the neighborhood…”

The Pirates ! good at nothing, bad at everythingby Jeff Newitt and Peter Lord – on France.tv – available until 30/09/2023

A crazy adventure film from Aardman Studios. A small artisanal jewel made in this good old stop-motion which made the glory of Wallace and Gromit. This time, we follow the Pirate Captain who has “great trouble passing himself off as a terror of the seas. Assisted by a crew as little gifted as him, the Captain nevertheless dreams of beating his rivals, Black Bellamy and Liz Lafaucheuse, by winning the prestigious Pirate of the Year Award…”
To see here by connecting for free on France.tv

my neighbor the killerby Jonathan Lynn – on MyTF1 – available until 09/30/2023

Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis form an invaluable duo in this biting detective comedy in which a dentist with a miserable life crosses paths with the terrible Jimmy Tudesky, a famous and dangerous hitman, who has come to lay green next to his home, in its peaceful little neighborhood of Montreal…
To see here by logging in for free on MyTF1

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicornby Steven Spielberg – on 6Play – available until 09/30/2023

Steven Spielberg realizes an old childhood dream by adapting Hergé in this fantastic epic which takes up several volumes of the adventures of Tintin. The reporter embarks “on a treasure hunt to find a sunken ship, whose commander was none other than the ancestor of Captain Haddock.”
Watch here by connecting to 6Play for free

30 years or nothingby Gary Winick – on 6Play – available until 09/30/2023

A cult romantic comedy if ever there was one! Twenty years ago, Jennifer Garner had a growth spurt that has become legendary, playing a teenager suddenly waking up in the body of a 30-year-old woman. “Between career problems, love affairs and embarrassing discoveries, this transition to adulthood will hold many surprises for him”. A tale in rose water to discover to the new generation.
Watch here by connecting to 6Play for free

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