A perfect world: Eastwood's most beautiful "father-son" relationship (review)

A perfect world: Eastwood's most beautiful “father-son” relationship (review)

Arte is planning a new special Clint evening to end the weekend well.

Texas, 1963. The run of a dangerous repeat thief and his hostage, a young Jehovah's Witness who, during this crazy escapade, will become his friend.

Almost 35 years ago, First had fallen completely under the spell ofA perfect world. Here is our review of the film Clint Eastwood worn by Kevin Costner, TJ Lowther, Laura Dern and himself. The film can be seen again this evening on Arte, followed by an excellent documentary on the actor-director entitled Clint Eastwood the last legend. Longer and more complete than the channel's usual star portraits, it makes you want to (re)watch all of its films, and is already visible on the channel's website.

Clint Eastwood, 93, has a banana on the set of his latest film

Here is our review ofA perfect world :

The most beautiful relationship ” father son “ at Eastwood; his gentlest and most contemplative film; the most heartbreaking final shot he composed (along with that of Madison) ; one of Costner's greatest roles; the best remake of Shane ; and undoubtedly one of the peaks of his vein americana.

In an America where fathers have given up, Eastwood tries to snatch one last moment of eternity. The quiet man of Yankee cinema revisits the bad conscience of his country (the assassination of JFK in the background), the one that he has never ceased to haunt or embody throughout his monumental career as if to draw a last line.

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