A stunt from The Fall Guy dethrones Casino Royale in the Guiness Book of Records

A stunt from The Fall Guy dethrones Casino Royale in the Guiness Book of Records

Ryan Gosling recounts, in video, the exploit of stuntman Logan Holladay, who makes a cameo in David Leitch's film.

Shown last week to American critics, The Fall Guy received a very enthusiastic welcome. Action comedy driven by Emily Blunt And Ryan Goslingand produced by David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet Train…), it is above all a love letter to the profession of stuntman.

For this film freely inspired by the cult series The Man Who Fallenthe director, who is himself a former stuntman, surrounded himself with professionals in this field, notably the crazy driver Logan Hollowaywhich also broke a record thanks to the filming of The Fall Guy. Until now, the man who had rolled the most times behind the wheel of a car for a film was Adam Kirley For Casino Royale, by Martin Campbell, released in 2006 in cinemas. He had performed seven for one of the key stunts in this indeed action-packed James Bond episode.

Logan has eight and a half, which prompted Universal to devote a video to him in which the person explains his stunt, notably surrounded by Gosling. Because in the film, it is his character, Colt Seavers, who is supposed to do all these rolls. Here is the video, followed by some explanations from the star.

Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling paid tribute to the stuntmen, who claim their Oscar

On Wednesday, the film's leading duo took advantage of a public screening in Los Angeles to present a diploma to Logan Holladay. Ryan then explained to the first spectators The Fall Guy that the latter made a cameo: it is he who checks that his belt is properly fastened just before launching into these famous barrels.

“You see him strap me into the car right before he performs a stunt that will actually be done by him, and then after I've done eight and a half rolls, which is a record by the way, he takes me out of the vehicle and pat me on the back. For a stunt that HE just pulled off! You won't see that in another film. Because we don't recognize enough the contribution of stuntmen in our industry. Even though they are at the heart of certain movie scenes that we love. It's time for this to stop.”

“It took eight performers to create a Fall Guy, continues the actor who has just caused a sensation in barbie. There were times when I said to myself: 'Are we going to make a film here, or rob a bank?' We were like a team of the best robbers, each with their own specialty. A bit like the Avengers, you know? Besides, most of them have certainly voiced Avengers, check their CVs.”

The Fall Guy will be released on May 1 in French theaters. Here is its trailer:

The Fall Guy adapts The Fall Guy: “Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, it was obvious” (interview)

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