Margot Robbie told the studio that Barbie could make a billion dollars

Barbie 2: nothing is signed for Margot Robbie or Greta Gerwig

The sequel is still far from guaranteed.

More than a billion dollars at the box office in 17 days: in 100 years of existence, Warner Bros. had never experienced such dazzling success! Not even with Matrix Or Harry Potter Or The Lord of the Rings. So inevitably, the studio will not let Barbie go back to the toy boxes as if nothing had happened.

Barbie 2 will certainly be launched within a few months. But for now, the rest is still perfectly hypothetical. Because The Hollywood Reporter reports that no deal was planned, at the start, with the stars, so that they resume their roles.

Especially rare these days for a major Hollywood movie like Barbienone of the team members is attached to a Barbie 2. The director Greta Gerwigher co-screenwriter husband Noah Baumbach did not commit to making a sequel if necessary. Not more than Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling have not reached agreements to return to play Barbie and Ken in a possible Barbie 2. Besides, Gosling has never replayed the same character in several films and the actor is known for his approach to limited-time roles…

Suddenly, nothing has not yet been officially announced, and if a sequel is desired by Warner Bros., everything will first have to be renegotiated with the team. THR reports that Gerwig was approached about a sequel a few weeks ago, but talks have been put on hold for the film’s release. They should be back soon.

Still, the director already has a busy schedule in her sights: Greta Gerwig is set to direct two films narnia for Netflix!

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