Barbie and Oppenheimer return to the top of the US box office

Barbie and Oppenheimer return to the top of the US box office

Separated last weekend by In Troubled Waters 2, the two summer hits quickly regained first and second place in the top. (Source: French Film)

With 33.7 million dollars raised in the United States in three days in 4178 cinemas, Barbie remains at the top of the rankings. In one month, Greta Gerwig’s film has passed 500 million in North America alone, and has reached $1.17 billion overall revenue.

This huge success is once again followed by another: Oppenheimerreleased at the same time, had lost the second position last week with the arrival ofIn very troubled waters, but he quickly took it back, thanks to 18.8 million additional tickets won in 3,761 theaters. The film cumulates 264 million in the USA and crossed the bar of 650 million on the planet. There too, it is an impressive score knowing that Christopher Nolan’s film is a biopic with very serious stakes, without action scenes and partly shot in black and white.

Sharks movie starring Jasons Statham drops to fourth, grossing $12.7 million more from 3,604 theaters, after animated project Ninja Turtles: Teenage Yearswhich pocketed 15.7 million green tickets for 3,950 screens this weekend.

It’s a novelty that completes the top 5: the horror film The Last Voyage of Demeterinspired by a chapter of Dracula, by Bram Stocker, which earned $6.5 million in 2,715 theaters nationwide. A second starts at the end of the ranking: Bollywood production Jailwhich, offered on just 450 screens, raked in $2.6 million, or more than $5,000 per print.

Among the continuities, we can note that Mission: Impossible 7, which is 9th thanks to $4.6 million more in the fifth weekend, crossed the $500 million mark in the world. Even if its success was diminished by the release very close to Barbie And Oppenheimerwho have monopolized all IMAX theaters and wide screens in the country only seven days after him, the thriller worn by Tom Cruise will have held up for part of the summer against its competitors.

US box office weekend August 11-13, 2023:

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