Barbie still does not give up its first place at the French box office

Barbie stronger than the Avengers at the US box office

Greta Gerwig’s film aims for the historic top 10.

This week-end, barbie has still collected a few additional million dollars across the Atlantic and has now accumulated 626 million dollars since its release at the US box office. An epic score that allows him to double Avengerswhich had totaled 623 million in North American cinemas in 2012.

In doing so, barbie thus takes 11th place in the US box office of all time and can legitimately aim for a spot in the top 10. For this, it will still be necessary to collect around thirty million, which would allow Greta Gerwig’s doll to double Jurassic World and its 653 million dollars in revenue in 2015. Not guaranteed, but feasible!

At the worldwide box office of all time, barbie also dubbed the Marvel heroes and the film Avengers: Age of Ultron and is currently in 14th position, with $1.417 billion in cumulative revenue. She will struggle to do much better. Margot Robbie and her friends are still a good distance away in Frozen 2 (in 13th place) and above all far from the top 10. To be there, we would have to surpass 1.520 billion… ofAvengers.

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