Muriel Robin: “I don’t make films because I’m homosexual”

Muriel Robin: “I don’t make films because I’m homosexual”

The actress returned to her homosexuality which, according to her, was the main obstacle to her career in the cinema.

This Saturday, September 16, Léa Salamé welcomed French personalities to her set, including the actress Muriel Robin who opened up about his homosexuality and how his way of assuming it was an obstacle to a great career on the big screen. The actress spoke in response to a very targeted question from Christophe Dechavanne: “I think you haven’t had the film career you deserve. Is this lack of a film career tied to something you regret saying when you were younger?

The actress responded bluntly and with moving frankness: “I am the only actress in the world to have said she is homosexual… I know French gay actors, they keep quiet, otherwise we won’t put a woman in their arms anymore. Name me an actor or actress who made a great career being homosexual… There aren’t any!”

She engaged in harsh criticism of the industry and its relationship to homosexuality. “That means that if we are homosexual, we are not desirable, we are not penetrable. And when we are not penetrable in the cinema, we are worthless. Penetrating, desiring, it’s the same word… I say a strong word to understand what we are talking about!”.

Eventually, Muriel Robin confesses the deep hurt caused to him by this unfair exclusion from cinema: “I cried my heart out every day. I’m fine, you can see it, it’s over, it’s classified… As with this job, you need to be wanted, when you’re not You’re not, what do you think of yourself? How do you manage to love yourself? Well, you drink, you smoke, you eat. Obviously after that we don’t want you anymore and we’re right…”

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