Before Sonic 3, Knuckles returns to action in his Paramount + series (trailer)

Before Sonic 3, Knuckles returns to action in his Paramount + series (trailer)

The little hero voiced by Idris Elba will have his own adventure in April.

While waiting to discover Shadow (and find Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik!) in Sonic 3Paramount unveils the first images of its derivative series, devoted mainly to Knuckles.

This trailer, generous in jokes and action – but for the moment only available in original version – suggests that this six-episode show will be exactly in the vein of the films released in 2020 and 2022: productions with a substantial budget which allow you to bring the famous Sega games to the screen with a lot of special effects to entertain the whole family. We also get a glimpse of Sonic and Tails, who will appear for a few scenes, because most of the story will be entirely devoted to Knuckles.

Voiced by Idris Elba, the fast and adventurous echidna will cross paths with one of Robotnik’s henchmen trying to kidnap him and two of his employees, obviously not very talented. He is also seen trying to train a human (Adam Pally) in his super fighting techniques. “He needs to learn to help himself!”he exclaims about it at the end of the video.

Jeff Fowler, director of the trilogy Sonic for cinema, still oversees the series. It is scheduled to air from April 26 on Paramount+.

Jeff Fowler: “Knuckles is like the anti-Sonic! »

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