Chris Evans is fair and charismatic in The Jacob Barber Affair (review)

Chris Evans is fair and charismatic in The Jacob Barber Affair (review)

This legal drama has the air of déjà vu, but it is also particularly well written and performed.

Is he guilty? The question that makes every good legal series vibrate resonates with even greater ardor in Defending Jacob. The Apple TV+ series, broadcast on the platform since April 2020, arrives on TF1 free-to-air this evening, under the title The Jacob Barber Affair. First recommend it to you, especially if you like Chris Evans.

This pure and harsh chronicle, which will delight fans of the genre, sends a 14-year-old teenager to the dock. Jacob is suspected of having stabbed a classmate to death one morning before going to college. All the clues seem to match, but his father, a prosecutor perfectly familiar with the workings of justice, will fight like hell to prove his innocence. But is he at least innocent?

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Doubt hovers throughout the 8 episodes of this meticulous drama, taken from a best seller written by William Landaya former prosecutor himself, who methodically exposes the relentless functioning of the American judicial machine. Defending Jacob is not entirely revolutionary. She has this nasty flaw of going exactly where she is expected. The pale blue light which adorns the investigations and suspicions of Jacob's parents adds to the clichés of the somewhat hackneyed legal story. Nevertheless, the series contains enough twists to keep us in suspense from start to finish.

Above all, Chris Evans And Michelle Dockery, very touching, are overflowing with charisma. Thanks to their breathtaking and endearing performance, every father, every mother, will experience with pain the torments of these parents who can no longer look their child in the eyes, torn by the shadow of suspicion. How far can we believe in the innocence of our little one?

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