Convicted of sexual assault, Dominique Boutonnat leaves the presidency of the CNC

Convicted of sexual assault, Dominique Boutonnat leaves the presidency of the CNC

He submitted his resignation to the Minister of Culture, Rachida Dati, yesterday.

“Although the alleged facts are unrelated to my professional situation, I know that the publicity given to them may have created a particular context for the CNC, particularly in recent weeks. This is why I want to , today, to thank all the agents of our establishment for having, during the duration of this procedure, ensured the perfect continuity of the public service for which they are responsible.”

Dominique Boutonnat was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison, one of which is firm, for sexual assault on his nephew. Although he has always denied it, he will have to serve his prison sentence at home, with an electronic bracelet, the Nanterre court specified. The president of the CNC reacted immediately by handing in his resignation to Rachida Dati, the Minister of Culture. The current deputy general director of the National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image, Olivier Henrard, will be in charge of its interim presidency. He also wrote a long message to all the CNC teams, relayed by The French Film.

“Today’s court decision, which I am contesting, could be such as to make it more difficult to carry out your duties in the future, despite the presumption of innocence which applies until all appeals have been exhausted, he also wrote, recalling all the challenges the group faces in defending French cinema. This is why, in order not to cause harm, even just in terms of image, to the institution for which the President of the Republic has entrusted me with responsibility, I have decided to cease exercising my functions as of today.”

Finally, he thanks all of his teams “for the immense work that we have accomplished together over these five years. I am deeply proud to have been at the head of this magnificent institution that is the CNC, surrounded by the exceptional team that you represent. I remains fully confident for the future because your competence and your commitment will, tomorrow more than ever, enable our sectors to address the challenges that present themselves to our cultural exception, so essential for the cohesion of our entire society.”

Dominique Boutonnat accused of sexual assault: the president of the CNC defends himself

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