Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' crazy world tour

Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ crazy world tour

The two Marvel stars have started their promo tour for Deadpool & Wolverine. An epic pop journey around the world!

It is not known if the film is good. But Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds give everything to sell it!

More than the multiverse, the MCU, the special effects or the winks to the X-Men, the duo Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds is clearly the number one asset of Deadpool & Wolverine. On screen, and also off! Since the beginning of production, the two stars have appeared together, in the city (backstage at a US football match with Taylor Swift for example). And the promo tour that began last week is banking on the alchemy of the crazy glamorous duo. A world tour that began in Asia, and which stopped off this weekend at the Euro 2024 football tournament…

July 2: On vacation in Shanghai

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were accompanied by the director Shawn Levy to premiere the film to the Chinese public and take some photos in the city. “We’re supposed to be promoting our movie. Instead, we’re having the best vacation of our lives,” Ryan Reynolds is having a blast.

July 4: The show on Korean TV

This is the music show Inkigayoa must in the world of K-Pop, which welcomed Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynoldscame to present the nominees for the first place of the Top of the week.

July 5: In full swing at the Seoul Waterbomb Festival

A gigantic Korean event, which mixes concerts and other festivities, the Waterbomb festival also offers sequences of biblical watering. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds came on stage and played along with a big smile, only to end up soaked to the bone.

July 6: Meet in Berlin in front of the Uber Arena

A few hours of flight later, traces of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Europe. After China and South Korea, the duo found Emma Corrin and the other stars of the film, for a grand presentation in Germany of Deadpool 3.

July 6: at the Netherlands-Türkiye match of Euro 2024

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds took their seats in the stands of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin to watch the quarter-final of the football competition between the Dutch and the Turks. They walked the pitch before the match and were seen in the stadium afterwards.

July 7: The show on Spanish TV

Still in Europe, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were invited to a program on RTVE, Radiotelevisión Española, the largest television station in Spain. The opportunity to put on a show again and show how much Deadpool & Wolverine are accomplices, in the city, before the canvas, next July 24 in cinemas.

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