Ferdinand: Blue Sky's penultimate film is worth it (review)

Ferdinand: Blue Sky’s penultimate film is worth it (review)

C8 is rescheduling this animated hit from 2017.

At 9:05 p.m., C8 will offer Fernandoby Carlos Saldanha, one of the creators of The Ice Age. Released in 2017 at the cinema, it attracted nearly 2.5 million spectators in France. A well-deserved success: First recommend it to you.

This is the penultimate production of the Blue Sky studio: since 20th Century Fox, which owned this branch devoted to animation, was bought by Disney, alone The Incognitos, a story of spy pigeons, was unveiled by the firm. Then it was closed in early 2021.

Disney is closing the Blue Sky animation studio, that of Ice Age and Rio!

The story of Fernando : Ferdinand is a bull with a big heart. Victim of his imposing appearance, he finds himself inadvertently captured and torn from his home village. Determined to find his family and his roots, he then embarks on an incredible adventure through Spain, accompanied by the craziest of teams!

Here is our review: In a postcard Spain, a pacifist bull prefers flowers to the arena: the pitch of the penultimate born of the Blue Sky studio, very simple, above all gives director Carlos Saldanha the opportunity to deploy a particularly eccentric bestiary. A dingo goat-coach, a robotic transgenic bull, a trio of Nazionian thoroughbreds… Without being perfect (the beautiful melodic start is quickly overtaken by the need for unbridled kid-friendly comedy), Fernando is a real cartoon, in the purest sense of the word.

Trailer :

Trailer: Will Smith transformed into a pigeon in Les Incognitos

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