Fiasco on Netflix: what is the series with Pierre Niney and François Civil worth?  (critical)

Fiasco on Netflix: what is the series with Pierre Niney and François Civil worth? (critical)

After Five, Gotesman and Niney create a scathing comedy with a sometimes uneven pace but which ends with a joyful punchline.

Even if you are not fond of embarrassing situations taken to the extreme or misunderstandings galore, Fiasco will wear you out… By making a mockumentary (falsely documentary parody film or series), Igor Gotesman and his sidekick Pierre Niney completely let go of the horses.

Making-of cameras follow the cursed filming of director Raphaël Valande (played by Niney who is having a blast), while the problems pile up and his project falls apart. Accompanied by a cheesy producer (Pascal Demolon), a tight-fitting childhood friend (François Civil), and a totally nympho real-life assistant (Geraldine Nakache), the frankly not resourceful director will try to discover the person who is trying to sabotage his film.

The meta format immediately arouses curiosity, but during the first episodes, Fiasco turns out to be a little shy. As if the series initially hesitated to fully embrace its style, the comedy-investigation mix of which struggles to find its balance. Then gradually, Gotesman made the film set the ideal place for situations cringe of all kinds: lame puns, rehearsal comedy, scat jokes, camera glances The Office, lies and moments of discomfort…

Everything happens, leading to an insane second part where the revelations burst forth in violence and screams. We enter this series a little doubtful, but we come out hilarious and above all, surprisingly moved by the humanity of its characters, each more offbeat than the last.

Fiasco. Created by Igor Gotesman & Pierre Niney • With Pierre Niney, François Civil, Pascal Demolon… Since April 30 on Netflix. Number of episodes seen 7/7

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