Find out who will be the new Karate Kid in the next film

Find out who will be the new Karate Kid in the next film

The young actor from American Born Chinese will take up the torch lit 40 years ago by Ralph Macchio.

After Ralph Macchio And Jaden Smithwe know the identity of the new Karate Kid. It is Ben Wangyoung 24-year-old actor revealed in the series American Born Chinese (on Disney Plus). He was chosen to play the new teenager who will learn to master martial arts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wang, also seen in Mean Girls at the cinema at the start of the year, was chosen to lead the new film in the franchise. He won the large global casting call organized by Sony Pictures, which received thousands of applications. Wang would have delivered a “remarkable audition which demonstrated his deep connection with the charactere,” a studio source tells The Hollywood Reporter.It also helped that he was fluent in Mandarin and highly skilled in many forms of martial arts, including karate, wing chun/kung fu, gumdo, kempo and taekwondo.”

The new movie Karate Kid will be carried out by Jonathan Entwistle, while Rob Lieber wrote the screenplay. The story will take place on the American East Coast and a teenager in China. Ralph Macchio And Jackie Chan will be present at the casting, which will therefore be in continuity with the previous films Karate Kid and the series Cobra Kai.

This new film Karate Kid is due in theaters on December 13, 2024.

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