Frozen 2: a more epic and funnier sequel (review)

Frozen 2: a more epic and funnier sequel (review)

The sequel to the Disney hit will be rebroadcast this evening on M6.

Updated February 23, 2024: In parallel with the César ceremony on Canal +, the sixth channel will offer a more childish program: Frozen 2which was a hit at the end of 2019 in French cinemas and rather attracted the reduction of First. Here is what we wrote about the sequel to the cult film when it was released.

Disney Studios recently announced that the third installment of the animated saga would be released at the end of 2026. And a fourth part is already being considered!

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Article from November 14, 2019: 6 years ago, the world experienced a real tidal wave: a musical comedy worthy of Broadway celebrated girl power in animation. Since then, the songs of Snow Queen never left the public’s mind. A sequel was therefore logical and hoped for. Or feared, it depends. In Frozen 2we therefore find Elsa and Anna, the two sisters from the kingdom of Arendelle in a new adventure which takes them in search of the origin of Elsa’s powers and once again puts their understanding to the test.

Needless to say, Kristina Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the duo of composers behind the hits of the first film, failed to repeat the feat. Was it possible to do it? Still, the melodies of this film will not etch your eardrums forever. All talk-sing, as Broadway musicals often are, they offer few takes on the reprise. Disney positions “Into the Unknown” (“In another world”) like the tube intended to replace “Let it go”. We’ll see.

Princesses in theheroic fantasy

That being said, the rest more than makes up for it. The story is the big winner of this sequel. The director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee, who has since become creative director of Walt Disney Studios, has thoroughly explored the magical dimension of Elsa. In seeking to uncover the secret of her powers and free her people from a curse, we follow the powerful princess and her sister in a universe as enchanting as it is terrifying. There is a real epic and poetic breath in this film. With his co-director, Chris BuckLee offers characters worthy ofheroic fantasy. A special mention to the earth giants and the water horse.

The animation is particularly careful. Disney had already scored points on the unique representation of ice. Here, it’s the water that will amaze you, particularly in a sequence where Elsa rides a horse in the sea.

Olaf comic guest star

If Frozen 2 is an authentic adventure film, the directors have also accentuated the humorous dimension compared to the previous one. The credit largely goes to Olaf, the snowman, whose role (voiced perfectly by Dany Boon in VF) has expanded. He is at the center of one of the most hilarious scenes in the film where he sums up “what happened before“The creators don’t skimp on self-mockery either; we see Elsa reliving her past and exasperated by her screaming image.”Let It Go“. Finally, the character of Kristoff also brings his share of comedy. Anna’s lover, who always teams up with her reindeer Sven, is the singer of a love song (“Lost in the woods”, “I lost the North” in VF), clipped 1990s style and making you laugh.

A successful bet therefore for the Disney animation studios which manage to deliver a film which celebrates living together and respect for difference without falling into sentimentality.

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