Greta Gerwig says Barbie wouldn't have happened without this other movie

Greta Gerwig says Barbie wouldn’t have happened without this other movie

“I think there is room for films led by women and for projects that go at their own pace. It’s possible,” says Greta Gerwig.

In the latest issue ofEmpire, Greta Gerwig was able to approach the process of creating barbie as well as his sources of inspiration. You should know that the project represented a real challenge for Mattel and Warner Bros, but the director was able to assert her ideas by following in the footsteps of a filmmaker. It is Patty Jenkinsdirector of Wonder Woman (2017). The latter has certainly given a new dynamic to female characters carrying feminist values ​​in Hollywood, considers her colleague.

“I know we couldn’t have made this movie if Patty Jenkins hadn’t done Wonder Woman. But at the same time we could not use Wonder Woman as a direct example, because superheroes are a category of their own. You can’t invoke the Disney princesses because they too are apart. There wasn’t really any possibility of directly and explicitly pointing out a reference.”

Returning to the warm welcome from barbieGreta Gerwig And Noah Baumach (her husband and co-writer) are pleased to have been able to impose this great female character, in all her originality – they hope that this will breathe new life into the female characters. Wonder Woman was proof that a female-led blockbuster could sweep the box office and surprise everyone. For them, barbie did not belong to an established Hollywood trend. There was a challenge in this unusual project – it was about making the impossible possible for Greta Gerwig And Noah Baumbach. Greta Gerwig wanted to honor novelty and originality (as Christopher Nolan with Oppenheimerwhich was a hit at the same time in cinema, ultimately) by creating a whole new category, it was then a question of pushing the studios to take risks.

“It’s a wonderfully weird film! It’s unlike anything else. It’s weird. The fact that the public was interested in the project delighted me. We’re all open to different and strange things, in much more than the studios can think of. I think there is room for films led by women and for projects that go at their own pace. It’s possible.”encourages the director.

Greta Gerwig fought to impose his ideas on Mattel – notably the scene where Ken gives a performance worthy of a great musical. This sequence which went viral did not initially convince the studios. The director says she met countless “Why” And “how” on her way, but she was able to defend her choices effectively since the film has to date grossed $1.38 billion at the worldwide box office.

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