Hijack on Apple TV+: Is there an Idris Elba on the plane?  (critical)

Hijack: Season 1 finale explained

The producer also suggests that a sequel is possible.

Did Kingdom Airlines Flight 29 land without too much damage? hi-jack kept us on our toes for several weeks on Apple TV+ (and also in France on Canal+). And the final posted online last Wednesday provided all the answers. Spoiler alert!

The hijacking of flight KA29 from Dubai to London ended (almost) without incident in a disaster landing where the passengers came out unscathed. Sat (Idris Elba) eventually had the leader of the hijackers, Stuart (Neil Maskell).

Hakan Kousetta, executive producer of hi-jacktells Variety that the series couldn’t end in a horrible crash anyway:

“We discussed it a lot. We had this desire to offer a conclusion that wasn’t too soft or disappointing. But we also didn’t want a miserable ending. It’s not something we considered. like that never really happen and we’re in the entertainment business. We’re believable, but all that isn’t meant to be realistic! Despite everything, it doesn’t have to become anything, so we’re always on a tightrope. We had to present a real risk for the finish. The stakes had to be high and we nicknamed this end “clanding” (mixture of crash and landing, landing in English). This end was not a crash and wasn’t a landing: it was a crash! And there was a lot of debate about its consequences, but in the end we made an ending that was not only a physical resolution, but also a resolution emotional.”

Will there be a season 2 of hi-jack ?

As for knowing if Idris Elba will return after that in the skin of Sam Nelson, the producer assures that hi-jack was not thought of as a limited series: “I wish I could tell you that there will be a season 2, but I don’t know yet. I hope so. We’ll see… We thought about it, obviously. And it will be really difficult to find one. another story that wouldn’t be completely ridiculous… But yes, we look at this and I’m not saying no!”

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