Insidious: The Red Door has become the biggest hit of the saga

Insidious: The Red Door has become the biggest hit of the saga

Whether in France or in the rest of the world, the horror film by and starring Patrick Wilson beat its predecessors in less than a month.

By crossing the 600,000 entries, The Red Door became the biggest hit in the horror saga Insidious. Since the launch of James Wan’s first installment in June 2011, the four opuses have recorded between 390,000 (for the Chapter 3) and 550,000 cinema tickets (for The Last Key, No. 4, in 2018). In all, the franchise has passed the 2.5 million spectators in the country.

This success is all the more impressive as the new horror film, the first in the franchise to be directed by one of its initial stars, Patrick Wilsonrecorded this score in just one month.

Insidious 5 was indeed released in French theaters on July 5, preceded by fairly mixed reviews. Like some of its predecessors, even if the original opus was generally appreciated for its chilling atmosphere, its convincing cast and its effective jump scares…

The Red Door is one of the films that participated in recording a historic month of July in Francenext to Barbie, Oppenheimer, Mission: Impossible 7 Or Elementary.

Insidious: The Red Door definitively buries the saga (review)

In the rest of the world, it has also become the biggest hit of all Insidious by reaching 175 million dollars in worldwide receipts, including 80 in the United States alone. But with 16 million disbursed for its production, it is also the opus that cost the most to Blumhouse, which means that it is currently less profitable than its predecessors – we quibble, it remains a very franchise. lucrative!

The very first film had cost only 1.5 million dollars, not including its advertising, and had just passed the 100 million mark in 2011. Then the stamps gradually increased: 5 million for the n°2 in 2013 , 10 million for the 3 and the 4 in 2015 and 2018. With box office receipts always beyond 100 million dollars: the second and fourth opus even passed 160 million.

Insidious: The Red Door is still in theaters, and should continue to attract horror fans despite direct competition from The handA24’s first horror film, which received enthusiastic reviews.

Here is its trailer:

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