How the One Piece series recreated the manga's spectacular fights

How the One Piece series recreated the manga’s spectacular fights

A lengthy video reveals the behind-the-scenes workouts, stunts and special effects used to bring the madness of One Piece to the screen.

If the series One Piece in “live action” has succeeded, it is also because it plays the pure entertainment card to the fullest. Without ever balking at epic fights or magnificently choreographed duels, the production insisted a lot on the big show aspect and asked a lot of its actors, on the physical level.

In this new video posted by Netflix, we discover behind the scenes of the filming and more precisely of the realization of the stunts of One Piece. “We tried to restore the spirit and spectacular side of the manga“, first announces Steven Maeda, the showrunner.

In the process, Frank Spilhaus, the stunt coordinator, details how he guided the actors, how he did it “flutterInaki Godoyhow he chose the different styles of martial arts and showcased the natural gifts of Mackenyu or those of Taz Skylerwho had to train 8 to 10 hours a day to learn how to fight Sanji’s way. “My only weapons are my legs now!” he laughs.

One Piece, season 1, is currently available on Netflix. Season 2 is not yet ordered.

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