Daredevil showrunner denounces “scam” behind title of new Disney+ series

Daredevil showrunner denounces “scam” behind title of new Disney+ series

Steven S. DeKnight says he will not receive anything from Daredevil: Born Again, presented as a new show while resuming its cast.

In the midst of a strike by screenwriters and actors in Hollywood, Steven S. DeKnightthe creator of Daredevil for Netflix, responded without tongue in cheek to an Internet user questioning him on Twitter about the making of the new Disney + show, Daredevil: Born Again.

Since the studio launched its streaming platform and regained the rights to its Marvel series, the shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones Or The Defenders are broadcast on Disney +, but the firm decided to relaunch the first series without it being an official sequel to the concept launched in 2015. Officialized during Comic-Con 2022, it was created by Matt Corman and Chris Order (Covert Affairs), and should last 18 episodes. She will be part of the “cannon” of the MCU, unlike the three seasons initially offered on Netflix.

Daredevil: Born Again will therefore be partly composed of a new team, even if in front of the camera, it is the actors from the initial adaptation who return: Charlie Cox as hero, Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin and Jon Bernthal as Punisher.

It is this concept of “reboot” using the same actors which annoys Steven DeKnight, who explains that by simply adding “Born Again” in the title, Disney makes it appear that this is a completely new concept. And can thus relaunch the saga without crediting him or remunerating him.

“It’s an old Disney trick to rename a series so that the contracts start from scratch. As if we were going back to the first season. This subject should be explored by the unions and this practice should stop!”he gets carried away on Twitter.

The new Daredevil series will start from scratch!

“From what I understoodhe adds during another messageI won’t get a penny from Daredevil: Born Again because they added ‘Born Again’ and can argue that it is a completely different series. While there are the same main actors (whom I love!) to play Daredevil and Fisk.”

He concludes, bitterly: “Let’s be clear, I can’t wait to see Charlie Cox and the incredible Vincent D’Onofrio reprise their iconic roles, but saying it’s a reboot so we don’t have to pay the original creators , it’s a studio scam. To say the least.”

Daredevil: Born Again is expected on Disney+ in spring 2024.

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