The Boys: “For me, this is the scariest Homelander scene ever!”

The Boys: “For me, this is the scariest Homelander scene ever!”

Showrunner Eric Kripke talks about how Antony Starr carried the sequence into the lab in episode 4. “Give him an Emmy!”

Homelander is at it again! Episode 4 of season 4 of The Boys was marked by a little trip full of memories, into John’s past, before he became Homelander. Following in the footsteps of his childhood, in this lab that saw him grow up, Homelander revisits his traumas and takes the opportunity to take revenge on the scientists who tormented him again and again, when he was just a toddler. Spoiler alert!

Obviously, this comeback to the origins will end in a mess. And the showrunner Eric Kripke explains how Anthony Starr contributed to the entire sequence, providing one of Homelander’s most terrifying moments.

“We had long discussions with Antony (Starr) about this episode”, tells the creator of the series to Collider. “In the first draft of the script, it was said that Homelander was coming back to this lab to kill everyone, in just cruel fashion, from start to finish. He just wanted revenge. But Antony thought it didn’t sound quite like that. Because when you return home, to your childhood home, you tend to go back to being the person you were when you still lived there. So in a way he becomes that child again, a little vulnerable and insecure. Seeking their approval. Then he gets upset and angry...”

In particular, we see Homelander taking his anger out on the head of the lab, a certain Marty, whom he forces to masturbate before pulverizing his pubic area!

“To be clear, what Antony (Starr) does in that scene is not scripted. The dialogue is scripted. What Marty does is scripted. But Antony, his laugh, that joy, that total satisfaction, it all came from him that day on set. When I first saw him in the edit… I’ve seen hundreds of hours of Homelander on my screens and seen countless scenes with him. . But honestly, this one can take the prize for the scariest Homelander scene ever!

And the showrunner applauds his star, underestimated in his opinion: “Antony’s instinct in this scene is so powerful. Give this guy an Emmy Award… honestly, he’s deserved it for so long!”

Season 4 of The Boys will continue next Thursday on Prime Video.

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