Lily Gladstone wears Killers of the Flower Moon, according to Leonardo DiCaprio

Lily Gladstone wears Killers of the Flower Moon, according to Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is full of praise for the talent of his playing partner who is on track for the Oscars.

Lily Gladstone has been everywhere since he came to Cannes for the film Killers of the Flower Moonthe historical drama of Martin Scorsese in which she responds to Leonardo DiCaprio. Both actors star in this true story of Mollie and Ernest Burkhart, a mixed race couple living on Osage tribal lands in the 1920s.

He is a veteran of the First World War who seeks to make his fortune working for his uncle (Robert de Niro) and she is a member of the Osage, whose lands cover an oil deposit, which suddenly makes them the richest people in the world. Their wealth attracts the jealousy and lust of the whites who will not hesitate to use violence to seize it.

In an interview given to Vogue, Lily Gladstone And Leonardo DiCaprio recount the experience of filming and he is full of praise for his playing partner: “Lily is absolutely stunning in this film. (…) It carries the entire film and the story.” He continues to praise it by describing the enthusiasm of Martin Scorsese during the casting, which was held by videoconference: “There was no reading. (…) Marty knew instinctively that Lily was the one.

By addressing Gladstonethe actor declares: “There was a truth in your eyes that he saw even through a computer screen.” He adds : “I’ve never seen Scorsese meet someone and immediately afterward have an instinct to say ‘Let’s not wait another minute’”.

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When she accepted the role, Lily Gladstone was about to give up her acting career to start protecting bees: “I almost have a maternal love towards bees”, she explains. The actress one day discovered the existence of hornet attacks on bees and felt “a fire in my stomach to fight against these invasive killers that were attacking a native species”. Ultimately, her career is more on track than ever, and she herself admits the upheaval this represents in her life: “My life will never be the same”.

After the generous reception of the film on the Croisette, Lily Gladstone is officially in the middle of the campaign for the Oscar nomination for Best Actress, for the next ceremony. If selected by the Academy, she would be the very first Native American woman to be nominated for an Oscar. Killers of the Flower Moon will be released in theaters on October 18, 2023.

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