IP surveillance cameras in the cinema: essential tools for directors?

IP surveillance cameras in the cinema: essential tools for directors?

New generation cameras are taking an increasingly important place on film sets. With 4D and Fiber technologies, integrated zoom, capable of capturing RAW 5.9 K videos at a speed of 60 frames per second… these innovations are being implemented on sets as well as outdoors.

The use of IP surveillance cameras in cinemas

IP surveillance cameras are used in the film industry to capture unique and immersive images. Thanks to the richness of the details and the possible choices for the shots, the result precisely meets the expectations of the directors, whether the work is presented in the style of a documentary or a fiction with a fast dynamic.

These surveillance cameras therefore contribute to the production of film scenes, television series, reality TV episodes, etc. Each device is intended for a specific type of filming and allows a unique color rendering, a more or less wide aperture on fast or rather slow lenses.

Which IP cameras for successful film production?

The IP, network or web camera is the ideal surveillance camera for the cinema, using the Internet protocol and which can be connected to a digital or network video recorder.

The motorized varifocal camera

The 4K Ultra-HD camera with AcuSense technology is suitable for outdoor use and has night vision, allowing realistic image transmission thanks to advanced, inconspicuous LEDs. The capture of these images is possible up to 60 meters, with intelligent detection that ensures the differentiation of actors and animated objects (cars, bicycles, etc.).

The operation of this IP camera is based on controlled management of current video streams and good optimization of bandwidth, while maintaining superior image quality.

The PTZ Turret IP Camera

Designed on 3 axes, the turret camera has a lens that can be oriented in any direction. Its main advantage is its great versatility. And, if you want to take panoramic shots, this system is perfect.

The robotic PTZ IP surveillance camera is designed for outdoor video shooting mainly. Protected from the weather, this turret camera has sensitive sensors that help capture every detail with pinpoint accuracy. The optical and digital image stabilization guarantees exemplary framing. With each movement of the camera, the sensors react to sublimate the shot and avoid blurring.

IP cameras for shooting in the studio

With the multicam mode, the surveillance IP camera allows the capture of images on an entire set. Its compact shape and its small size allow a significant space saving and a reduction of the shooting team. All of the functionalities dedicated to shooting are, in fact, grouped together in control rooms and controlled from a single point. With these turret cameras, the framing and the settings influencing the quality of the image can be modified without this being perceived on viewing. The director then uses the mixer to ensure a smooth sequence of shots and possibly add special effects.

Much less expensive than conventional set cameras, systems with integrated Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) type motorized turrets offer similar quality. This is also why these cameras have gradually replaced remote-controlled turrets, which are difficult to mount and require many manipulations.

Easy installation where cameramen cannot access

Surveillance cameras are installed in the most difficult to access areas, which offers particularly relevant shots. In some corners, the tripod of a camera does not pass and the cameraman cannot carry out all the movements necessary for a good framing.

These high-tech filming and production cameras have a single large sensor: 1 inch and have more advanced adjustment solutions, so as to equal professional set cameras. Their functionalities are extended, with in particular the provision of a noise reduction module and a contrast corrector.

Directors choose their models according to the desired image transmission and the use or not of a video mixer, knowing that the SDI and HDMI signals are the most requested. Each version is guaranteed for several years and is suitable for both live broadcast and film production.

Suitable for many uses, easy to set up and use, IP surveillance cameras can shoot all types of scene, rather static or on the contrary, very dynamic. Their strong point is their reduced size, which makes them much more practical than conventional cameras.

Finally, combining several models for different image contrasts is possible, provided you choose your versions carefully.

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