Jean Dujardin: the Bebel filmo

Jean Dujardin: the Bebel filmo

In The Return of the Hero, rescheduled on France 3, Jean Dujardin does his Jean-Paul Belmondo and that's nothing new. The proof in pictures.

Waiting for discover it in Zorro, Jean Dujardin will be in the spotlight on this public holiday Monday in The Return of the Hero (2018). The opportunity for the actor to pay tribute to one of his idols, Jean-Paul Belmondo. Once again, because he often winked at her during his filming…


In Cash, Jean Dujardin composes a flamboyant and seductive crook, never caught off guard, willingly a fighter, who gets out of every situation with a smirk. Precisely the type of cool scoundrel immortalized by Bebel in Tender thugwith the title that could not be more explicit, that it will be available in a number of substitutes


When it turns The Man from Rio in 1964, Bebel invented a new burlesque character, a mixture of comedy and action man who invaded the very graphic universe of Philippe de Broca. Same thing for Jean Dujardin with Michel Hazanavicius who offers him in the OSS 117 And The Artist the opportunity to measure himself against his model.


Whether it's the devastated captain of Counter-investigation or the incorruptible judge Michel de The FrenchJean Dujardin paid his tribute to the roles of defenders of the law, acting solo and respected by their peers, who contributed to the Bebel myth (The Professional, The Marginal, The Solitaire).


Jean Dujardin and Jean-Paul Belmondo have a common passion: Claude Lelouch – he directed the first twice and the second three times. The filmmaker of feelings offered them their most beautiful romantic roles, respectively in One plus One And A man I like where the two actors demonstrate a fragile virility.


After You don't have to swear about anything! (Éric Civanyan, 2005), Jean Dujardin confirms in The return of the hero its ease in crossing the ages with equal naturalness. Like Bebel in Cartridge Or The Bride and Groom of Year Twohe imposes his swirling style on incredible intrigues which highlight his high words and his rustic manners.

The Return of the Hero: At the Theater Tonight (Review)

The story of Return of the Hero: In the France of 1809 under Napoleon I, Neuville succeeded in seducing the ingenuous and young Pauline. The officer, who must go fight the Austrians, promises to write to him, but obviously does not keep his promises. Rather than seeing her younger sister's heart break, the fine and intelligent Elisabeth writes missives which she signs Neuville. In this false epistolary relationship, the young woman presents the captain as a hero and causes him to die on the battlefield. His plan collapsed when Neuville suddenly reappeared three years later. Elisabeth, who cannot reveal the truth, watches in dismay as Neuville recounts his “exploits”…

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