Jeremy Renner in great shape for Mayor of Kingstown season 3 (teaser)

Jeremy Renner in great shape for Mayor of Kingstown season 3 (teaser)

“The mayor is back in action” announce the first images of the thriller produced by Paramount +.

Forgotten, the convalescence of several months which deprived Jeremy Renner filming, and above all, action scenes. In the first teaser of the third part of Mayor of KingstonRenner donned his Midwest American mafioso costume. “The mayor is back in action”we can read, and he is ready to settle his scores.

No synopsis available, nor plot covered in these first images, but between brawls, muscular arrests and pyrotechnics, season 3 promises to be intense, especially if we take into account the moral issue introduced by the voice-overs punctuating the video: “Five percent of people are really good. Five percent are bad. The rest of us struggle in between. Who we are, what we are, what we are willing to do”we can hear.

This is the first time that Jeremy Renner returns to the screens after his accident, in January 2023, if we do not take into account his advertising appearance at the Super Bowl at the end of last year. A resounding return which perhaps opens the way to a revival of his other roles, notably the iconic Hawkeye from Marvel. However, before touring the galaxies again, it is in Michigan that we find the actor, for the continuation of this series created by Taylor Sheridan And Hugh Dillon.

As after his accident, the actor documented his return to work on Instagram, with a publication dating from January 10, 2024. In the caption, we can read:

“First day of filming… I'm nervous today.
I hope everything goes well and I can really do it for our production and especially for the fans @mayorofkingstown @paramountplus.”

Headlining this dark fresco of a city struggling with the oligarchic system set up by a family of criminals, Renner will share the poster for this third season with Hugh Dillon, Tobi Bamtefa, Taylor Handley, Emma Laird, Derek Webster, Michael Beach And Aidan Gillen.

In the USA, Mayor of Kingstown 3 premieres June 3 exclusively on Paramount+. We do not yet know the French broadcast date.

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