Joel Edgerton recounts his failed audition for Guardians of the Galaxy: "I didn't quite understand the tone"

Joel Edgerton recounts his failed audition for Guardians of the Galaxy: “I didn't quite understand the tone”

“I truly believe that the world is a better place without me as Star-Lord,” the Warrior actor also says.

Although he has never hidden his taste for big budget films (he played Uncle Owen in Star Wars II And IIIGawain in King Arthur…), Joel Edgerton has often shown himself to be more comfortable on more independent ground (Animal Kingdom, Warrior, Midnight Special…). Guest on the podcast The Playlist, Bingeworthythe British-Australian actor reveals that there is in any case one role that he does not regret: that of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

At the time, James Gunn auditioned many actors, and he already spoke clearly about the fact that Chris Pratt – who had already tried his luck for a supporting role in Thor and other Marvel blockbusters – was not not his first choice. It was at the insistence of Kevin Feige's casting director, the one who had previously chosen Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man or Chris Evans as Captain America, that he agreed to meet the actor from Parks and Recs. And he was convinced.

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Would Joel Edgerton have looked as cool in the Peter Quill costume? Not sure, according to the person concerned, who he explains with hindsight:

“That's a good example of a failed audition, Star-Lord, because unlike Chris Pratt, I didn't really understand the tone of this movie. Not as well as him and those guys. I didn't see myself to be part of this madness I sincerely believe that the world is better without me as Star-Lord, even if I had had the opportunity or this audition had gone better… That's how it is. was supposed to be I never had a real conversation about this role, it's not like I was told it could have been me, eh I just had the chance to try, to. audition. And I wasn't on the right wavelength.”

In the absence of a key role at Marvel, Joel Edgerton continues to multiply eclectic projects, both in cinema and on television. Recently, he has been at the heart of the SF series Dark Matter on Apple TV+, alongside Jennifer Connelly and Alice Braga.

Dark Matter, a great exciting science fiction saga, led by an impressive Joel Edgerton

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