Jonathan Cohen: the perfect interview

Jonathan Cohen: the perfect interview

In Papa ou Maman 2 (this evening on M6), he plays the unbearable perfect guy of Marina Foïs. So we tested the perfection of Jonathan Cohen.

jonathan cohenthe hilarious Serge le Mytho in the series Blocked, is a comic phenomenon of which the cinema is in the process of taking all the (dis)measure. After The crazy story of Max and Leonwhere he camped an exhibitionist officer, and before being a hit thanks to the series Family Business And The flamehe returned at the end of 2016 in the shoes of the new companion of Marina Fois In Dad or Mom 2. A character very “Cohenian”exceptional, who has the particularity of succeeding in everything he undertakes to the point of quite annoying Laurent Lafitte

While the comedy will be rebroadcast this evening on M6, we share our interview with jonathan cohenwho was kind enough to respond in the most serious way to our absurd questions about his supposed perfection.

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The story of Mom or dad 2 : Two years have passed. After failing their separation, the Leroys seem to be perfectly successful in their divorce. But the appearance of two new lovers in the lives of Vincent and Florence will set things on fire. The match between the ex-spouses resumes.

Trailer :

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