Kate Winslet says she's more recognizable on the street for The Holiday than for Titanic!

Kate Winslet says she's more recognizable on the street for The Holiday than for Titanic!

Especially at Christmas time.

Invited to Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon to talk about his new series The Regime, Kate Winslet revealed to the American host that her most popular role was not that of Rose in Titanic. Surprise: despite the crazy success of James Cameron's film in 1998, the actress explains that she is more often challenged in the street for her comedy The Holidayrom-com by Nancy Meyers in which she co-starred with Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Jude Law, in 2006.

“People stop me in the street to talk to me about The Holiday or for my episode ofExtras that for Titanic, she explains. Especially during the Christmas period. It’s so cute when a mother and her daughter call on me during my shopping to say: 'We love The Holidayit's our little Christmas ritual', and they explain to me that they get together every year to eat in front of this film, that it's their tradition. I love these kinds of anecdotes, I never thought there would be this kind of mother-daughter connection around this film. It's so cool. Really adorable.”

Post-Titanic fame was 'horrible' for Kate Winslet

Kate takes advantage of the interview to confirm the audition “horrible” spent with Robert Downey Jr. who was unable to take a decent British accent For The Holiday. “I apologize if I was hurtful”she laughs while confirming the actor's comments from a few weeks ago: “I told myself that I had to have a better English accent than Jude Law to beat him! Except that Kate Winslet didn't like it. She said: 'That was the worst British accent I've ever heard!' So, I let it go. I understood that I had to leave…”

Here is the trailer for The Holidayto (re)watch on Première Max:

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