Laurent Lafitte is Tapie: the demented trailer for the Netflix series

Laurent Lafitte is Tapie: the demented trailer for the Netflix series

A fictional biopic that will tell the story of the businessman, the visionary, the politician, the boss of OM, the man, Bernard Tapie.

“Remember this name well: there will be a before, and an after!” Bernard Tapie, the myth, the legend, will be the event on Netflix at the start of the school year. Two years after the death of the famous businessman, Netflix will release its famous biopic series, carpetwhich has already caused so much to be said. Laurent Lafitte will put himself in the shoes of the former president of OM, to tell his story, his rise, and his passion, as revealed today in the first trailer (below).

Note that Netflix officially speaks of a “fictional biopic“, which means that the series signed Tristan Séguéla and Olivier Demangel will take great distances from reality. “Bernard Tapie; an ordinary man with extraordinary ambition becomes one of France’s most controversial public figures” promises the synopsis, which announces: “From singer to businessman, from minister to prisoner, Bernard Tapie has known it all. Through his successes as well as his failures, the Tapie mini-series traces his extraordinary life.

This romantic destiny will be embodied by Laurent Lafittewho promises to be as cheeky as ever, faced with the charm of Josephine Japywho will play Dominique, his great love. Camille Chamoux And Fabrice Luchini will also be in distribution.

carpetin 7 episodes, will be available on September 13 on Netflix.

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