Making-of: a tasty political comedy (review)

Making of: a tasty political comedy (review)

With this comedy which explores the behind the scenes of an eventful shoot, the prolific Cédric Kahn creates a captivating picture of the world of cinema against a backdrop of power relations.

Just a few months later The Goldman Trial, Cedric Kahn signs a new film which confirms that the filmmaker is in a particularly inspired creative frenzy. The theme of frenzy occupies the heart of Making of, the story of an experienced director who begins shooting a film retracing the fight led by workers to save their factory. But the adventure quickly turns into a nightmare for this committed artist, between the lies of his producer, the exuberant personality of his main actor or the precariousness of the technicians which will generate a social conflict. The only salvation could then come from a young cinema enthusiast who was entrusted with the making of… Eager to explore the world of cinema from the inside, Cédric Kahn chose the angle of comedy, in the spirit of a Nanni Moretti (Mia Madre), and can count on the comic tempo of Denis Podalydès (in the role of the burned-out filmmaker) and Jonathan Cohen (in the role of the star who seeks to attract all the spotlight). But the strength of Making of is good to touch on, within humorous situations, the power relationships and economic inequalities that weaken creation. Kahn thus succeeds in a fundamentally political work on the sometimes brutal inadequacy between ideals and actions and offers a touching self-portrait at the same time as a scathing picture of the tensions in today’s France, where producing committed cinema does not seem not such an easy thing.

By Cédric Kahn With Denis Podalydès, Jonathan Cohen, Stefan Crepon… Duration 1h54. Released January 10

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