Martin Scorsese goes viral on TikTok: “I got tricked”

Martin Scorsese goes viral on TikTok: “I got tricked”

The filmmaker claims to have become a phenomenon on TikTok in spite of himself. It’s all his daughter’s fault, Francesca!

Martin Scorsese became a real TikTok star thanks to his daughter’s initiative Francesca Scorsese24 years.

Participating alongside him in a handful of videos, the director of Freed proves that he does not fear ridicule. The 81-year-old patriarch plays a guessing game on the dialect of the younger generation, has fun with a facial filter that launches a tournament between films based on nods to determine which he thinks is the ultimate masterpiece the cinema. So many videos that delight generation Z.

During an interview for Los Angeles Times, the Oscar-winning director stressed that his TikTok fame is a happy accident and that he had nothing to do with it.

“I fell into a trap. It was a trap. I didn’t know it was going to go viral. I didn’t even know the expression “go viral”explains the director.

@francescascorsese He lowkey slayed. #fyp #martinscorsese #dadsoftiktok #dadguesses ♬ original sound – Francesca

How Martin Scorsese became TikTok’s new star

Martin Scorsese then details Francesca’s procedure for recording a TikTok:

“I’m quietly at home and she comes in saying: “Dad, look here and tell me this…” So I’m in my pajamas, and she says to me: “These are things they do.”I ask him who are “they”and she replies: “Everyone is doing it, it’s called TikTok.”. She explained to me that the video with my dog ​​worked well.“

Indeed, Martin Scorsese had featured his muse in a video, showing himself directing his little “Oscar” as if he were a real actor.

The latter points out in passing that he never knows when Francesca’s videos will be posted:

“They still have these iPhones in their hands. I really didn’t know she was going to post them… We say well “to post”that’s it ?”

@francescascorsese The Muse @Oscar #fyp #martinscorsese #oscar #schnauzer #oscartheschnauzer #dadsoftiktok #leonardodicaprio #robertdeniro #margotrobbie #michellepfeiffer #ellenburstyn #paulnewman #muse #dogsoftiktok #doglover #acting #director ♬ original sound – Francesca

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