Michael Fassbender as a killer for David Fincher: The Killer trailer is here

Michael Fassbender as a killer for David Fincher: The Killer trailer is here

“Respect the plan”, repeats the anti-hero of this thriller expected on Netflix over and over again.

The 2023 Venice Film Festival will open tomorrow, and among the films expected this year on the Lido there is The Killerof David Fincher. A thriller which marks a return to basics for the director of Seven, Zodiac and the series mindhunter, which will immerse viewers in a new serial killer story. His first teaser promises a gloomy atmosphere of which he has the secret, very far from his previous film for the platform, mank.

Michael Fassbender takes us behind the scenes of David Fincher’s The Killer

“Execution is the main thing”said “the killer poster of the film” unveiled yesterday. New mantra in this video: “Stick to the plan”, the protagonist played by Michael Fassbender repeats. Endlessly. Before the voice remembers (and explains to us in passing) that we must “avoid empathy”, “anticipate, never improvise”, and always, always “stick to the plan”. The public then understands that something is wrong. He who has killed on behalf of rich bosses for years without asking any questions is starting to question his job. Would he discover a conscience? Remorse ?

The issue of Killer was already the same in the comics of Luc Jacamont and Matz (Alexis Nolent), but we also find here in 90 seconds all the obsessions of the director, known for taking care of the smallest detail of his films. The daily life of his assassin is shown in small touches, peppered with acts of violence. Every gesture is scrutinized as he awaits his new mission in Paris.

The Killer was filmed last year, partly in the French capital, also starring Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Sophie Charlotte and Tilda Swinton. Its broadcast is set for November 10 on Netflix.

Before that, the filmmaker will present it on September 3 at the Venice Film Festival. If the presence of actors is unlikely during these times of strike in Hollywood, will he perhaps be surrounded by his loyal collaborators? For this film, Fincher found Erik Messerschmidt, the cinematographer of mank and its prematurely ended series, mindhunterhis screenwriter SevenAndrew Kevin Walker, and Atticus Ross, who composed several of his soundtracks (The Social Network, Gone Girl…)

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