My Very Dear Children: the reunion comedy for Josiane Balasko, Didier Bourdon, Alexandra Leclère...

My Very Dear Children: the reunion comedy for Josiane Balasko, Didier Bourdon, Alexandra Leclère…

Josiane Balasko and Didier Bourdon have shot six films together, and Alexandra Leclère had already filmed them both…

How can you get your children to love you again? Win the lottery! Josiane Balasko And Didier Bourdon form an explosive retired couple in My Dearest Childrena family comedy released at the end of 2021 in cinemas, scheduled this Sunday on France 2.

The synopsis? “Chantal and Christian are living a peaceful retirement. But since their children Sandrine and Stéphane left the nest, they no longer give much news. The opportunities to get together as a family are becoming more and more rare… When the offspring announce that they will not come to celebrate Christmas, it’s too much for Chantal and Christian! They then decide to make them believe that they have hit the jackpot A desperate attempt to try to get them to come back and a lie that could cost them dearly…”

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In the rest of the cast, Marilou Berry replies to his mother. She plays her daughter and she’s the comedian Well who plays his brother in front of the cameraAlexandra Leclère. Except for the latter, all the main actors in the film had already filmed with each other. My dear children is therefore a reunion comedy… here are the details.

This is the sixth feature film directed by Alexandra Leclère, after The Angry Sisters (2004), The price to pay (2007), Mom (2012), The Great Sharing (2015) and Alternating custody (2017). This is also the sixth collaboration between Balasko and Bourdon on the big screen! The two actors have already played a couple on screen in In-lawsin 2019. They were also in the casting of Mrs Edward (2003), Public benches (Versailles right bank) (2009), The Great Sharing And Cinderella’s New Adventures (2017).

The Great Sharing being already directed by this same director, Alexandra found the actor here for the third time after this one and Alternating custody. She also collaborated with Josiane Balasko on Mom.

My dear children finally marks a mother-daughter reunion! Marylou Berry has in fact given the answer to Josiane Balasko several times in the cinema: in My life is hell (1991), Customer (2008), Arab on the city (2011), Joséphine rounds up (2016) and Cinderella’s New Adventures (2017). On this 2021 project, however, they have more scenes together, as Josiane explained in the press release accompanying its release:

“Until then, we had only had small scenes together, whether in Joséphine rounds upwhich she made in 2016, or, in 2018, in Cinderella’s New Adventures. For My dear childrenit was work ‘long course’ and we were both pretty excited.”

With 650,000 entries, My dear children is far from the biggest successes of Josiane Balasko and Didier Bourdon. She has starred in more than 25 millionaire films at the French box office, including The Bronzed 3 and its 10.2 million on the counter alone (in 2006). He has around fifteen million-selling comedies in France, and his biggest hit is The three brotherswhich brought together more than 6 million curious people in 1995.

As for the director, half of her films have passed this symbolic threshold of one million tickets in France: The Angry Sisters, The Price to Pay And The Great Sharing.

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