Not to be missed tonight: Collateral, by Michael Mann

Not to be missed tonight: Collateral, by Michael Mann

Notice to night owls, Tom Cruise is back as a relentless killer against Jamie Foxx, in the second part of the evening on France 2.

In Los Angeles, Max finds himself taken hostage in his own taxi by Vincent, a contract killer. The latter must eliminate five embarrassing witnesses for his client, a drug kingpin, and orders Max to take him to each of his “appointments”. Over the night, the two men will try to take precedence over the other. The police end up suspecting Max of being the author of the murders. A chase then ensues.

While Tom Cruise is preparing to return to the cinema in Mission: Impossible 7France 2 will rebroadcast tonight Collateralof Michael Mann. A particularly tense thriller.

Tom Cruise wants to keep making Mission: Impossible movies until he turns 80

If some stars are afraid of tarnishing their image by embodying a villain in the cinema, Tom Cruise played the game thoroughly when Michael Mann offered him the role of the hitman of Collateral, after the defection of Russell Crowe. Hair dyed gray, look like Robert de Niro in Heat, Cruise also takes up his method of acting by secretly working as a FedEx delivery man to prepare his character. Completely inhabited, he bursts into nocturnal Los Angeles magnified by Mann’s camera and connects cult scenes, such as that of the jazz club where he shows himself as expert in Miles Davis as in desoldering. A master class, as we say in 2023.

In 2004, the star therefore abandoned his traditional heroes to play an icy assassin in this Collateral in which he confronts Jamie Foxx. Reflecting on post-9/11 America, this classy neo-noir elicited much of the critics’ frenzy, including First : “Like a wolf returning to its lair, Michael Mann rediscovers his favorite register with this hyperrealistic nocturnal thriller which perhaps does not have the exceptional scope of Heatbut looks like the equivalent “Losangelesian” ofAfter Hours”. Notorious success in cinemas with more than 1.5 million admissions recorded in France, Collateral remains one of the most influential contemporary films in the filmography of Michael Mann.

Here is its trailer:

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