Rediscover the myth of Bambi told by Mylène Farmer: trailer

Rediscover the myth of Bambi told by Mylène Farmer: trailer

The co-author of March of the Penguins adapts the original novel by Felix Salten.

The legend of Bambi returns to the cinema in a live-action film made in France, produced by Gebeka* and directed by Michel Fessler, the co-writer of the documentary The emperor’s walk. A new reading of the book “Bambi, the story of a life in the woods” by Felix Salten, published in 1923.

The story is told by Mylène Farmer, who really fell in love with the project:

Bambi is irresistible and this film is absolutely beautiful… it is an ode to nature, an enchanted interlude in this brutal world. The emotion is palpable throughout the film.

Trailer :

Scheduled for release in theaters on October 16, this new Bambi tell “the adventures of a young fawn, surrounded by his mother and the animals of the forest: his friend the crow, the rabbit, the raccoon…“, details the official synopsis. “He discovers the world of trees and their secrets. Every day, his mother educates him so that he can grow up strong. But when autumn comes, Bambi ventures into the open when hunters separate him from his mother forever. From then on, the young fawn must learn to live alone. Fortunately, he finds Faline, his childhood friend. Then a large and majestic deer, who is none other than his father, will find Bambi and help him grow up. The latter will then take his destiny into his own hands..”

*held by Hildegarde, owner of the First

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