Rictus: Fred Testot tries not to laugh (trailer)

Rictus: Fred Testot tries not to laugh (trailer)

After his role as a prisoner in I will always see your faces, Testot returns to comedy in this original OCS series.

Sneer is a French series created by Arnaud Malherbe And Marion Festraëts which plunges the viewer into a futuristic dystopian society in which laughter is prohibited. Only a slight grin is tolerated. Stephanie (Fred Testot) until now an employee and model citizen, sees his life turned upside down when he triggers the hilarity of his new intern Céline (Ophelia Kolb). The two characters then become wanted criminals and will do everything to make the world laugh again.

OCS presents its new original French series whose trailer gives us a good taste. The dystopian universe seems elaborate and the characters all wear rather clownish pastel costumes for a world where laughter is forbidden.

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We are entitled to a magnificent demonstration of the rictus of Fred Testotknown for his penchant for comedy, and we are greeted by the voice of Pascal Demolonpresent at the casting alongside Youssef Hajdi And François Rollin. Laughter galore is promised to us in the trailer of Sneerwhich will be available on September 14, 2023 on the platform.

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