Road House: Jake Gyllenhaal promises fight scenes never before seen on screen

Road House: Jake Gyllenhaal promises fight scenes never before seen on screen

The actor faces MMA champion Conor McGregor in this retelling of the cult 1989 film.

Despite a controversy linked to its streamingon Prime Video from March 21, and not in cinemas, Road Houseby Doug Liman (Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Memory in the Skin, Barry Seal…) will arrive on the platform preceded by an excellent reputation. Its screening at the SXSW Festival received a warm reception, and fight fans particularly appreciated its realistic choreography.

Jake Gyllenhaal It stars Dalton, a former UFC champion who accepts a job as a bouncer, but his bar is threatened by a violent gang. Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Lukas Gage and real-life MMA champion Conor McGregor complete the cast.

By moving away from his model worn by Patrick Swayze 35 years ago, the actor quickly dodges comparisons, notably by participating in shock choreographies, supervised by stunt coordinator Garrett Warren (Logan, Real Steel…). The two men aptly described in Total Film how they had designed all these stunning sequences.

“Doug always films action in a different way, and when he told me about this project, he immediately said: 'I want us to do fighting in a way that we've never seen before,' Jake explains first.. He became obsessed with how punches should impact opponents, or kicks. He didn't want us to play it out in a way that the public had already seen in the past in these kinds of confrontations.”

Garret then says he said to himself, while preparing Road Housethat they would manage to “do this magic trick once, or maybe two or three”, before understanding that the filmmaker wanted each fight to be out of the ordinary. “Doug wanted us to achieve this throughout the film, he said. The scenes were never interrupted. When you watch this movie, the fights go beyond anything that has ever been filmed in cinema history. It’s something revolutionary.”

All this will certainly be the subject of a making-of, but for the moment, the team does not want to give away too many secrets, to let the public be impressed by the fights between Jake Gyllenhaal and his enemies.

Here is “the trailer that beats” of Road Housea film expected this week on Prime Video:

Jake Gyllenhaal pays tribute to Patrick Swayze ahead of Road House release

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