Rosy, by Marine Marnerias, is an incredibly luminous docu (review)

Rosy, by Marine Marnerias, is an incredibly luminous docu (review)

Upon learning that she suffers from multiple sclerosis, the young woman decides to go and discover the world…

Marine Barnerias was only 21 years old when she learned in 2015 that she had multiple sclerosis. Instead of dwelling on it, she accepts the omen and goes so far as to personalize it by naming it “Rose”. After a solo backpacking trip from New Zealand to Burma, Marine Barnerias gained a little notoriety which led her to tell her story in a book, or on television opposite Frédéric Lopez, before continuing her career on the local channels of France 3 as host-producer of formats focused on nature and the coast.

TMC will broadcast at 9:25 p.m. Rosya very strong documentary by Marine Barnerias. Première highly recommends it: although it deals with serious subjects, its lively staging greatly pleased the editorial staff when it was released in cinemas in early 2022. Here is our review:

At 21, the radiant Marine, then still a student, had a whole life ahead of her which seemed to have already been very generous to her. But suddenly everything collapses. Brutally. When she learns that she has incurable multiple sclerosis which threatens her with total paralysis. And there, instead of following the advice of doctors and starting treatments, she decides to undertake a trip, alone across the world with a camera to get used to living with this illness that she nicknames Rosy. The result turns out to be incredibly luminous, with an intense emotion certainly but never soothing or tearful. Because Marine Barniéras has this talent of never rhyming exploration of the intimate – without giving herself a gift – with voyeurism. The accuracy with which she tells her story commands admiration. A nice favorite.

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