Season 2 of The Last of Us will only be 7 episodes

Season 2 of The Last of Us will only be 7 episodes

That's two less than the first.

The wait will have been long and the pleasure will be short. According to Deadline, the second season of The Last of Us – expected by the end of the year – will be spread over only 7 episodes. Two episodes less than the first season, which had 9 episodes

“The narrative material, the story told in the video game The Last of Us: Part II is much larger than that of the first game. So we had to start by figuring out how to spread this narrative over several seasons. By doing this, you are looking for conclusions, natural season endings. And for us the natural end of season 2 came after 7 episodes”explains the creator Craig Mazin at Deadline.

He still specifies that each episode will be quite big: “Each one is about an hour long, which is quite a long time, a format I like. We don't do 7 90 minute episodes“, he specifies, before explaining that certain plots will repeat those of the game in full, “And sometimes we do it differently. Because we take our time to deepen the story and expand certain areas or characters, so certain things are going to be expanded.”

Craig Mazin And Neil Druckman also point out that the third season of The Last of Us, should be “considerably longer“, and therefore potentially spread over ten episodes.

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