Stranger Things: Will Byers will have a central role in season 5

Stranger Things: Will Byers will have a central role in season 5

The introverted young teenager, who has just come out, “will take center stage again in season 5”, announces Ross Duffer.

Eleven against One, this will be the heart of season 5 of Stranger Things. But not only ! Will Byers, whose kidnapping in the Upside Down launched the entire series in Season 1, will also be central to the story.

Will will really take center stage in season 5.”, co-creator Ross Duffer tells Variety. He returns in passing to the coming out of the character, who understands that he is in love with his best friend Mike in season 4. What helped Noah Schnapp to understand his own homosexuality in real life:

“This emotional arc around Will should help tie the whole show together. At least we hope so! Will is used to being the introverted young boy, the one who is protected. So part of his personal journey, this It’s not just about his sexuality. Will has to build himself as an adult and take his place as a young man.”

The teenager will certainly play a crucial role in the downfall of Vecna, as he remains psychically connected to the powerful villain of Stranger Things. Still, this season 5 is not for any sequel. The production is completely interrupted due to the strike in Hollywood. The broadcast on Netflix was hoped, for a time, for 2024.

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