Thanks Seth Rogen, Chris Evans plans to make fewer films

Thanks Seth Rogen, Chris Evans plans to make fewer films

The actor wants to devote himself to activities other than cinema. Like pottery, for example?

During a portrait of GQinitially organized on the occasion of the upcoming broadcast on Netflix of Bread Hustlerswith Emily Blunt, Chris Evans takes stock of his career. Particularly from his years at Marvel. In addition to explaining that it is perfectly agree with Quentin Tarantino when he considers that the star of Captain Americait’s the character and not him, he reveals that he wants to distance himself from his job as an actor.

“Never say never, he first responds about a potential return as Captain America, because it was an extraordinary experience for me. But I’m very careful about this. It’s something I’m very proud of, and sometimes I can’t believe I experienced it. I wouldn’t want to overshadow all of this by agreeing to come back and have it understood as greed on my part or simply that it wasn’t as successful as expected. Or that I might be criticized for no longer being as connected to this role as I was originally. So no, I won’t sign any time soon.”

He not only wants to distance himself from this role, which he played several times from 2011 to 2019, but from cinema and series in general, we discover in the rest of this interview.

For example, he says he hasn’t filmed anything for the entire year of 2023, and is completely satisfied with it: “I haven’t worked at all this year, I don’t plan to. And it’s been great!” Just before, he had chained three films, including Ghosted, poorly received by critics. Spending too little time with his fiancée, Alba Baptista, whom he has just married, he says he suffered from the distance with her.

“In the end, I really hope to play a little less in my life, he continues. I have lots of other interests. Look, I’ve never broken any records in this field, I don’t have an Oscar and I’m far from some of the top artists, but I’m very happy with what I have. Now, I ask myself questions before shooting: ‘When will the shots take place? Will I miss autumn?’ I don’t want to miss any more autumn, I’ll have so few (in life). I could just create things so I don’t sell them to anyone and be happy.

I don’t want to… I have to find the right words. I was going to say that I didn’t want to waste my time in this industry, but that’s not how I really feel. I don’t want to have too much space in this environment in which I have already been operating for 20 years. Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing something. I am a very determined person. I have a lot of energy, I get up early, I do a lot of stuff in a day, but I don’t concentrate on the game all the time. Sometimes reading a script is the last thing I wishes to do.

If I wanted to stop everything today, it would be possible. And it’s incredible. It’s quite a privilege. Especially when you know how unpredictable life is and that anything can happen… I’m the type to plan for everything. I try to plan everything that could happen, I visualize all the possibilities. And that’s exactly what happened with Marvel. Now that I’m not part of it anymore, I can relax, put my brain on pause, stop being anxious. Analyze less, or plan everything for the next day. I don’t have to do all that anymore, so I can be present.”

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These reflections recall those of his friend Chris Hemsworth, who also explained that he wanted to devote himself more to his family life and less to the cinema, in particular to the role of Thor. He became aware of this after participating in a science show during which he discovered that he could suffer from Alzheimer’s disease as he grew older.

At 42, Chris Evans cites another actor of his generation as an example: Seth Rogen. “I love fall and everything that goes with it: smoking a joint, putting on music, making pottery… See what I mean? Like Seth Rogen, that’s exactly what ‘he does. And you’re right, man. You go to your workshop to make things. It’s so satisfying, simple, that kind of everyday life. I love playing, but you can’t play alone. J I chose a profession that requires not only lots of artists, but also an audience.”

Ironically, if Rogen has indeed expressed his passion for pottery (and he has never hidden his taste for soft drugs), the actor is far from being retired! In recent months he has played in The Fabelmansby Steven Spielberg, co-wrote and co-produced the animated adaptation of Ninja Turtlesplayed in the noted series Platonic and dubbed Donkey Kong in one of the biggest hits of 2023 : Super Mario Bros.

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