The 8 films and series not to be missed on Prime Video in October 2023

The 8 films and series not to be missed on Prime Video in October 2023

The sequel to Upload or the new French comedy En Terrasse will be boosted by the James Bond Completes and The Pink Panther.

The entirety of THE PINK PANTHER : October 1st

The eight films directed by Blake Edwards, with Peter Sellers in the cast as Inspector Clouseau, will be posted online on the platform, as well as the remake from the 2000s, with Steve Martin. In details :

The pink Panther (1963)
When the inspector gets confused (1964)
The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
When the Pink Panther gets tangled (1976)
The Curse of the Pink Panther (1978)
In search of the Pink Panther (1982)
Heir to the Pink Panther (1983)
Son of the Pink Panther (1993)
The pink Panther (2006)
The Pink Panther 2

All the franchise JAMES BOND : October 1st

Only the last part, Dying Can Wait, is not there. Otherwise, the 24 007 films, with Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig will be brought together in the catalog. In details :

James Bond 007 vs. Dr. No
Good Kisses from Russia
Operation Thunder
You only live twice
To Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Diamonds are forever
Live and Let Die
The Man with the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
Just for your eyes
Dangerously yours
Killing is not playing
License to kill
Tomorrow never dies
The world is not enough
Die another day
Casino Royale
Quantum of Solace
Sky Fall
007 Ghost

AFTER – chapter 5 : the 3rd of October

The romantic-sensual saga takes off again with this 5th film: “Hardin is struggling to move forward. Plagued by blank slate syndrome and a brutal breakup with Tessa, Hardin travels to Portugal in search of a woman he wronged in the past – and to find himself. Hoping to win Tessa back, he realizes he must change his ways before he can make the ultimate commitment.

TERRACE – season 1: October 5

The new French series from Prime Video. It follows the daily life of three childhood friends, David, Flo and Cam, who meet over a drink to share their friendships, their loves, their doubts and their hopes. The series is created by Bastien Dartois and David Voinson, a comedian revealed on social networks who also plays the leading role.


Tommy Lee Jones and Jamie Foxx will face off in this financial thriller inspired by true events. “Funeral home owner Jeremiah O’Keefe calls upon charismatic lawyer Willie E. Gary to save his family’s business when the deal goes sour. Tempers flare and laughter flows as the unlikely duo bond while exposing corporate corruption and racial injustice in this inspiring and triumphant story.”

DRONE GAMES : October 19

A group of drone pilots have fun doing wild races in the forest… and also, from time to time, carrying out robberies. The new thriller by Olivier Abbou, who signed the series Black Butterflies for Arte last year.

AWARNNESS : October 11

New science fiction film from Prime from Spain. “Ian, a rebellious teenager, lives on the fringes of society with his father. Both survive by organizing small scams thanks to Ian’s ability to generate visual illusions on unsuspecting victims. However, things go wrong. complicated when his powers spiral out of control in public and two opposing sides begin to hunt him down. On the run, Ian will have to decide which side he wants to fight on.”

UPLOAD – season 3: October 20

The fantastic comedy of anticipation is back. Still worn by Robbie Amell and Andy Allo, it will be in full rom’com mode, with Nathan and Nora finally enjoying their relationship in the real world, after Nathan has been successfully uploaded into a new body. However, they will quickly realize that this download has consequences…

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