The next Superman will be filmed entirely in IMAX

The next Superman will be filmed entirely in IMAX

An announcement from director James Gunn, which promises a spectacular result.

Superman alert! James Gunn struck again. Since the start of its production, the director has had fun documenting the development of the next part of the DC universe (formerly titled Superman: Legacy) on his social networks. After the casting, the return of the Fortress of Solitude, the inspirations for this new film and its new title, this is crucial information that James Gunn now reveals to us: Superman will be filmed entirely in IMAX.

It's on the network Threads that the American director made this statement. Under one of his publications – a video showing the exceptional natural setting of the city of Svalbard, in Norway, where the team relocated while filming the Fortress of Solitude scenes – a subscriber asks him if the shots filmed in Svalbard are filmed in IMAX. And James Gunn to retort: “The entire film is shot in IMAX”.

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Good news for DCU fans, who will therefore have the pleasure of discovering the vision that James Gunn is from the Clark Kent canon (David Corenswet) in the best resolution.

Note that this is not that surprising: Warner's last big success is Dune: part two of Denis Villeneuve, which the Canadian director made a point of shooting in IMAX. A principle which was returned a hundredfold because of the 384 million dollars earned at the worldwide box office, 72 million came from IMAX screenings, which have become very popular in the United States, in particular.

James Gunn and Warner have therefore decided to rely on a recipe that has already proven itself. Only the future will be able to tell us if this investment will have been worth it.

The answer on July 11, 2025 in theaters.

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