The Passenger with Liam Neeson: The routine?  (critical)

The Passenger with Liam Neeson: The routine? (critical)

Jaume Collet-Serra's action film marks his 4th collaboration with the Irish actor after Without Identity, Non-Stop and Night Run.

TMC will rebroadcast this evening The Passenger, act with Liam Neeson in the vein of its success Takenand above all Nonstopa film already directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. But on board a plane. This time, it's on a train that the actor will have a hard time with assassins.

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Here is the synopsis of The Passengerreleased in cinemas in 2018: Like every day after work, Michael MacCauley (Liam Neeson) takes the commuter train that takes him home. But today, his daily journey will take a completely different turn. After receiving a call from a mysterious stranger, he is forced to identify a passenger hidden on the train before the final stop. As he fights against time to solve this enigma, he finds himself caught in a terrible spiral. A conspiracy that becomes a question of life and death, for him as well as for all the other passengers!

And here is the review of First : This is already the fourth collaboration between Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra (after Without Identity, Non-Stop And Night Run). The routine, what. And, this time, literally: The Passenger is a variation of Nonstop on a commuter train. Liam Neeson plays a former cop who has five stations and 90 minutes to track down the bad guys infiltrating the train.

Collet-Serra continues to soak up his Hitchcockian fixations (here: Lifeboat meets The unknown of Nord-Express) in a standard action product, rather rhythmic and effective, but still “without identity”. All of this is of course a pretext to check in on Liam Neeson, at 65: how he moves, talks, fights (nice moment where he knocks out a guy with an electric guitar), threatens people on the phone who want to do hurt his family…

“We have another project with Jaume, explained the actor during his promotional tour. In an even smaller space than a train or a plane. Why not a closet?” Exactly: sometimes we would like him to come out of this closet.

Trailer :

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