The Three-Body Problem: where is the filming of season 2?

The Three-Body Problem: where is the filming of season 2?

For now, if the showrunners have planned the sequel, the casting is waiting.

A priori, there will be a sequel. The Three-Body Problem was not thought of as a mini-series, but rather as a SF saga, which aims to adapt the work of Liu Cixin. Technically, season 1 is only the serial version of the first volume of the trilogy of Three-Body Problemwhich therefore continues with two other books.

Volume 2 is titled The Dark Forest and Volume 3 is called Immortal Death (published in 2017 and 2018 in France by Actes Sud). As a result, DB Weiss and David Benioff already have season 2 of the Three-Body Problem, although nothing is official yet. The two showrunners recently admitted to having “definitely a plan, we are no longer at the ideas stage.” The sequel therefore seems ready to be launched, if Netflix gives the green light.

But the actors in the casting – whom we met at Séries Mania a few days ago – are still in the dark. The actress Jess Hongwho plays scientist Jin Cheng, reveals to Première:

“We're not working on it yet. I'm sure there are people who are already looking into the issue, but we don't have a timetable yet! We don't know anything at all. I would like well know…”

The filming of season 2 of Three-Body Problem is therefore not for tomorrow. Which suggests that the next episodes won't air for a while.

What date for season 2 Three-Body Problem ? Certainly not before 2026.

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