“I’m a brat”: Lukas Gage recounts the “intense” filming of Smile 2

“I’m a brat”: Lukas Gage recounts the “intense” filming of Smile 2

The Euphoria and The White Lotus actor looks back on his experience filming the horror film from Parker Finn's imagination.

Two rooms, two atmospheres. While on the red carpet at the premiere of Road Housetestosterone concentrate, Lucas Gagewhich plays a role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, returned to a completely different filming experience: that of the sequel to smile.

A horror thriller, the first part followed a psychiatrist who had to face mysterious forces taking possession of her patients. He knew a nice success at the box office in 2022. If we do not yet know the scenario of its sequel, we can think that it will be as terrifying as the original film. A hypothesis confirmed by Lukas Gage, who joined its cast. A few days ago, the 28-year-old actor claimed to have vomited on set, impressed by the gory realism of the film. He clarifies his remarks at the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter :

“I didn't vomit, but I did gag a lot. I was really shocked by the intensity of the filming days. We tell ourselves : 'It'sactingit'll be OK', but this movie is super scary. The whole team was terrified. That smile itself is so creepy, so when you add in the gorier scenes, yeah, my stomach is weak. I’m a brat.”

Sensitive souls, please refrain. However, Lukas Gage is full of praise for this sequel, in which he stars alongside Naomi Scott, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dylan Gelula And Raúl Castillo :

“It’s rare that I say this about what I do, because I’m very critical of my work, but I’m very proud of this film. I think he's very scary, and Parker Finn has succeeded again. He actually just took the story to the next level, and we have some really cool cameos in this movie.”

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Since then, the actor has still been able to recover from his emotions. After Euphoria, Love, Victor And The White LotusLukas Gage is starring in the fifth season of Fargobut also Road Housethe action thriller of the moment and Dead Boy Detectivea detective series which will be broadcast on Netflix from April 25.

To discover it in theaters in Smile 2you will have to wait until October 16, 2024.

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